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About Greenfield Lake

A centerpiece to any visit to Wilmington NC by a naturalist, Greenfield lake is a natural beauty within the city limits. Visitors enjoy tennis courts, a skatepark, playground, and a paved hiking trail around the entire lake. Paddleboat and canoe rentals are a favorite among tourists and locals.

You are liking to see many birds, reptiles, and other critters at Greenfield lake. There are various species of ducks and gulls, plus anhinga, osprey, and several migrating birds. Greenfield lake is a birdwatching hotspot! Turtles and snakes roam the swallow water. And, keep your eyes open for alligators.

Greenfield Lake in Wilmington NC hosts several events including the Azaela festival, Azalea Garden Tour hosted by the Cape Fear Garden Club
and the Greenfield Lake Festival organized by the CFRW. Of course, every mild, sunny weekend afternoon is like a festival at the lake.

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